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Art to uplift the spirit

As a child I spent precious hours drawing angels and fairies and making paper dolls.BrendaI always wanted to be an artist. However, to meet the challenges of life I had to abandon art as a young adult to raise my family and become involved in the hectic business world. Then in late 1992, it felt as though I were becoming too aggressive in the business world – so much that it felt as though much of my femininity had been lost -- I was too competitive and was “selling my soul for the mighty, old buck.” After much prayer and meditation a big leap in faith was taken. I quit my job and decided to live life the way I really wanted to – to paint!! What a blessing – I now paint full time and am no longer selling my soul, but am feeding my soul when I paint!

Painting is a way of passionately expressing Spirit. There is a lot of pain and darkness in the world, but I consciously choose to express the Light and beauty in life, which is what hopefully, you will see in these paintings.

Some of the paintings are representational, some are abstract. Many come from my imagination. I love color and strive to capture (express) the essence, the feeling – rather than the actual image. It’s wonderful the way art and colors can calm the soul or fill the soul with joy and excitement. Surroundings make a huge difference in how people feel. Paintings can lift your spirit, feed your soul, and take you somewhere -- or may even bring you “home.”

So please browse and feel the spirit in my paintings.