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Tucson Arizona

Let's start the New Year off right with art and a step towards a healthier mind, body and spirit!Brenda will excitedly be taking a group of artists and their guests, to the fabulous Canyon Ranch Spa & Health Resort outside of Tucson, Az, where artists will not only participate in daily art workshops, but will have the opportunity to refresh and renew their minds, body, and spirit at this famous 6-star luxury health & spa resort. A VERY special group rate is offered to those who wish to release their creativity at this inspiring workshop 5th Annual Canyon Ranch Artist Retreat January 2-6, 2010. If you've ever wanted to do art but thought you couldn't, this is the time to release your creativity. Brenda promises you will leave with 2 successful pieces of art!!!

Bev-and-Janee-painting Ellen Berry 2009 Carolyn 2009
Lori Fahn 2009 . Vicki 2009

"Taking Brenda's painting workshop at my last visit to Canyon Ranch resulted in the
ultimate spa experience for me.....besides being physically pampered and spoiled at
the luxurious spa I was blessed to have my creative spirit nourished in a way that
can only be described as magical. Brenda has a real knack for teaching art while
encouraging her students to connect with their inner artist to create their own
personal masterpiece in a safe and nurturing environment."

JJ Jacobs

This was my second year with your art workshop at Canyon Ranch. The retreat was
pure magic. Thanks to Brenda, I now have a piece of art worthy of my wall. I am
very pleased. Canyon Ranch offers such many and varied services that I had new
experiences this year: Three beautiful hikes in the mountains, & Watsu / Water
Dance. The Watsu / Water Dance was a spiritual experience as no other. The five
days spent at Canyon Ranch was definitely life enhancing. Thank you.

Katherine L. Triboli

Space is limited, so call right away for information and to register
Call Brenda Cell# (916) 715-0583, (916) 486-9063

On-going Exhibits, Galleries and Other Places
Spiritual Life Center,  Sacramento  916 448-6508


Please call Brenda for further info: (916) 715-0583 or email art@brendaboles.com

2009 / 2010 Shows & Exhibitions

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Crocker 2009 Holiday Art & Craft Festival  Nov 27, 28, 29 2009

Jan 2-6, 2010, 5th Annual Canyon Ranch Artist Retreat

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